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作者:     發布日期:2020-06-22


(strength manufacturer): Wuxi piston rod specification and model table stainless steel rod manufacturers in the industry require large power to weight ratio, small volume when operation stops, high frequency when operation stops, good pressure and flow control, flexible transmission of power, easy to complete straight line movement and other advantages. The air actuator has the advantages of energy saving, wuwuuran, low cost, Anquan, simple structure, etc. it forms an automatic control system which is easy to separate from microelectronics and electricity. Quality is the soul of products. Only with good quality can we occupy market share and be loved by more consumers. Therefore, under the voice of change and evolution, hardware enterprises should not only understand the importance of change, but also ensure the quality of products. In order to realize their own value, the reform of hardware enterprises can achieve the ideal development effect.



The main uses of piston rod are hydraulic, motor cylinder, hydraulic pipeline, spinning, textile and printing machinery pipe, automobile shock absorber pipe, shaft lining, piston rod and Jingmi mechanical steel pipe. According to the requirements of customers, we can also provide ruler tube, quilted tube, special heat treatment tube, etc. The quality has reached the national standard, and the products have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign auto parts manufacturers widely used in automobile, electric power, petrochemical, ship, aerospace, bearing, pneumatic equipment, cylinder, boiler equipment, fitness equipment, tractor, motorcycle, steel connecting cover, cylinder pipe, machinery manufacturing and other industries. At present, our company has a large number of quilting tubes, cylinder tubes, cylinder tubes, thick wall quilting tubes, stainless steel quilting tubes, piston rods, etc. We offer your services quickly in the form of preferential price, zero wholesale and concurrent business!