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作者:     發布日期:2020-06-22


Last time, the editor introduced the material requirements of Jingmi piston rod. This paper introduces what kind of material is better for piston rod machining. Now, the processing of piston rod often uses 45 × steel. In general, if the load of the piston rod is not large, it is usually made of 45 × steel. As a reference, this design can improve the fit of piston rod cylinder. In the later application process, this kind of material and integral processing method can improve the service life of piston rod at the same time. The results show that this is a high-quality technology, which can reduce the damage of cylinder rod piston movement, and protect such products. This operation and protection is the sealing and preservation function of the sealing ring to provide good protection for the gaoxiao fruit.


45 × steel is a commonly used carbon modified structural steel with high strength and good machinability, especially after proper heat treatment, it can obtain certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance, so the piston rod is processed into commonly used materials.


If the secondary rigidity of the selected linear guide rail is not enough, the pre pressure can be increased. Zengda can select the size, increase the number of sliders and improve the rigidity.


Products with different materials have different use effects and different grades and qualities. Choose which product, know which material is good, which material is good, and make a comprehensive comparison of the selection scheme of zhaunye. The advantages of stainless steel piston rod are analyzed. Which brand of stainless steel piston rod is better? It is convenient to select the right stainless steel rod. Stainless steel rod is a material with high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. To understand the advantages of stainless steel piston rod, we can choose the applicable stainless steel piston rod according to the actual use, even if the same material of stainless steel piston rod, in terms of the quality depends on the material brand, we do not need to choose a strong stainless steel piston rod manufacturer


The optional process can return to the previous process at any time according to the calculation result.


Analysis of the advantages of stainless steel piston rod, which brand of stainless steel piston rod is better? It is undeniable that different manufacturers have stainless steel piston rod, but the quality and price are different. It is difficult to choose which stainless steel piston rod, and it is impossible to understand the performance characteristics of the product from the appearance. It needs to rely on the trust and the stainless steel piston rod manufacturers of zhanye to lay a good foundation. Thus, to understand the advantages of stainless steel bars, or which stainless steel bar manufacturer? Proper stainless steel piston rod can meet the requirements of its use, but isn't it the right choice for its after-sales service and reasonable price of stainless steel piston rod? About the choice of stainless steel piston rod. Classification by shape: linear type (the shape is cylinder, generally installed with spring, and the installation size is small).


After the wear of the piston rod, the surface strength and hardness of the piston rod can be improved by the method of chrome plating. In the high-speed and frequent movement, the performance is better. Therefore, bixu is selected according to the requirements, and has achieved good results in quality. Zui end products are more and more popular. The more advanced technology of chrome plating on piston rod Xiufu is applied to extend the service life of piston rod and maintain its performance. As a result, more popular products are recognized and good results are achieved in terms of quality. We can make decisions according to requirements and achieve better results in terms of quality.


Especially in the high-pressure and high-speed movement, the sealing problem of piston rod is very important, so bixu firmly seals the piston rod.


The cold hardening layer is formed on the surface of the roller, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, improves the wear resistance of the cylinder rod surface and avoids the grinding.


In contrast, reliable equipment manufacturers are more powerful in terms of service capacity, rapid improvement in quality, and better performance in terms of reliability. Therefore, better choices will be popular, and faster improvement in reliability. It is the basis of seeking better quality to repair fuhoo stopper rod with better scheme. The product with better result is more popular and plays a greater role in reliability. It can meet the purpose choice more and ensure the improvement of service ability. As mentioned above, chrome plating of piston rod is an important means to ensure that the surface strength of piston rod is higher and that the product life and performance are maintained. In order to achieve good results in terms of reliability, it is very important to seek the basis of good quality, so as to gain greater advantages in terms of reliability. As a result, the product has high technical content and stable performance, so good handling is very important.


In order to reduce the gap between bracket and guide rail, zuihao sets steel balls with dimensions above between bracket and guide rail.


Many industrial equipment and mechanical equipment need to install sealing rings. Piston rod is designed on each sealing ring, which significantly improves the lubrication effect and softness. Of course, if Xiufu is needed in case of piston rod damage, what method should be used? With the increase of the types and materials of piston rod in China, the process of Xiufu may be different, but if you don't grasp the details, Xiufu will become more and more simple. You need to understand the process of Xiufu. In addition, after quenching and tempering, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the 45 steel can also be optimized to other carbon structural steel, but the critical quenching diameter in water is generally 12-17mm because of its low quenching property. If different parts are used as the frame, the rotating guide mechanism, the crank locking mechanism and the moving guide mechanism can be obtained. Chromium plated bar: 45 steel is a common medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel with high strength and good machinability. After proper heat treatment, it can generally obtain certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance.


At present, many zhaunye companies have carried out Xiufu for piston rod, and adopted a series of processes and methods in the process of Xiufu, but it is very important to find this method in its design. After comprehensive analysis of the requirements and details, it is helpful to know that Xiufu is becoming more and more simple. Therefore, with the increase of its method, the efficiency of Xiufu is significantly improved, and its function is more and more, which really helps in the process of Xiufu. After the piston rod of Xiufu is installed on the sealing ring, it can work normally. It is very important to know its details and methods. After mastering the methods and details, it becomes more and more important in the process of Xiufu. Mastering the basic points is more simple and convenient in Xiufu. After understanding the details and points, it becomes more zhannye in the process of Xiufu.


The linear guide rail of two row gate structure can bear the force and moment in any direction.


In the crank slider mechanism, the component that forms the frame and the moving pair is the slider, and the component that connects the crank and the slider through the rotating pairs a and B is the connecting rod.


Unified warehouse support. Do not put the unused linear guide under the ground. The underground antirust oil evaporates quickly, bixu pay attention to this. At the same time, it reduces the friction damage to the seal and the seal when the piston rod moves, and improves the whole life of the piston rod.